Montessori pre-school/nursery Brno, Štefánikova 1



Montessori workroom - pre-schoolGive your children more than just a baby sitting!


… prepared environment, and respectful approach;

we respect their individuality,

in the group where older help younger,

and small children learn from their older friends.

We have teachers who are not only very sensible

to individual needs of each child,

but are also trained in the principles of

Montessori pedagogy.

Help your children become

self-confident, self-sufficient, tolerant,

and successful personalities.




For children 1–3 years: Monday – Friday from 7:30 to 17:00.



třída meduňková
Štefánikova 1


třída rozmarýnová
Štefánikova 1


třída tymiánová
Štefánikova 1


třída levandulová
Štefánikova 1


třída bazalková
Štefánikova 1

Naše děti Brno - all in one for children 0 - 6 years. GoKids! Centre, Maloušci nursery, and Montessori preschool/nursery under one roof.